Ibiza Yoga, Mindfulness & Healing Retreat Experience  

IBIZA YOGA, MINDFULNESS and HEALING RETREAT EXPERIENCE > from Tuesday 24 May to Wednesday 1 June 2016

!!! Finding Bliss !!!
from Tuesday 24 May to Wednesday 1 June 2016

Location: Casa Solara Ibiza
"A unique location in the magical north of Ibiza".

Come on an adventure to yourself during this inspiring 8-day Spring retreat with yoga and meditation in a natural setting to bring body and mind into balance.
Celebration, relaxation and inner work are combined at this Ibiza retreat in a week to remember for a long time, because we have added a number of pleasant and exciting surprises in the program to bring a burst of inspiration, relaxation and motivation in the participants.
Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, relaxation and inspiration come together in a luxurious villa in the north of Ibiza.
Life demands a lot of us and we need resources to resist daily attacks on our wellbeing.
Meditation and yoga provide many ingredients to increase our resilience, but fun and zest also arise through good conversations, humor, music and dance.
Whether you want to live more intensely, are looking for tranquillity or you simply want to feel better. This is your chance.
Recharge your batteries completely and feel the flow of life energy and creativity into your life again after this 8-day retreat and during the day and in the evening there is enough time to immerse yourself in the beauty and fun that Ibiza has to offer.

Mirjam de Hoon (yoga teacher / nutritionist / healer) and Fraukje Jasmine (yoga / mindfulness teacher / psychologist / soul healer) take you on an adventure to yourself during this all-inclusive retreat in the beautiful natural surroundings of Ibiza.

Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin & Insight Yoga and meditation in a natural setting bring your mind and body into balance. Interesting workshops are scheduled or you can take advantage of a private Chakra Balancing, Healing or Soul Coaching session or enjoy a massage.
During the retreat you will be served conscious, ecological, local, wheat, dairy & sugar free, vegan | vegetarian cuisine, developed by us together with our chef, Mayla Marinka.
You will be nourished with a diet full of natural super-foods that additionally mildly cleanses your body and mind!

During the day and in the evening there is enough time to immerse yourself in the beauty and magic of Ibiza.

!!! Experience the Bliss of Living !!!

Your hosts will make sure you will experience a burst of inspiration, relaxation and motivation during this unique retreat week.

Group size: max. 12 participants

Retreat location:
Casa Solara
, a lovely bright villa in a unique location in a magical Northern part of Ibiza.
On its grounds you find orange and almond trees, Buddha statues, quiet spots to retreat yourself and a vegetable garden. The villa has a special meditation room and outside you find a lovely shaded yoga platform. The spacious double rooms have a private terrace overlooking the hills of the Can Guasch valley. In the garden are two comfortable double Tipi tents. The house has
2 bathrooms and outdoors 2 wonderful showers and an eco-toilet.

Retreat includes:
- 7 nights full board accommodation, in shared double room
- Daily 2 hrs regenerating & revitalizing yoga with 2 trainers to support your practice
- Daily 1 hr yoga session in the evening with Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, training EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Relaxation
- 1 surprise program
- 2 Workshops
   - Lifestyle Workshop to gain insight about the functioning of your mind, emotions and why change is so difficult sometimes.
   - Life Coaching Workshop where you will gain insight and are taught methods on how to make changes and dissolve blockages. How to get out of your mind and get emotions back into your life.
- Tea, honey and purified water
- Bed linen and towels
- WiFi

Extra private sessions:
Private healing or Chakra Balancing with Mirjam de Hoon
Soul Coaching (incl. breathing work) Jasmine Nooij

Ibiza Yoga, Mindfulness & Healing Experience Retreat price:
Spacious double room: 895
2-person Tipi- 825,-

Retreats is exclusive:
Flights | Transportation to and from airport 30, - | Extra treatments & private sessions |  Massages | Cancellation- / travel insurance

Ibiza Yoga, Mindfulness and Healing Retreat Program


We start the retreat days with mindfulness meditation and a revitalizing yoga class followed by a delicious healthy breakfast.
During the afternoon you have plenty of space to relax, to discover the wonderful countryside and beaches of Ibiza, or enjoy a relaxing massage.
In the afternoon yoga is more focused on relaxation, breathing and meditation, or you can participate in an inspiring workshop.
In the evening you can enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal.
Your hosts will occasionally surprise you with spectacular evening entertainment.


08:00 hrs Tea & Fruit
09:00 hrs Yoga & Mindfulness
11:00 hrs Brunch
12.00-17.00 hrs You-time, nap, swim, sunbathe, read, sleep, rest, reflect, discover a new beach or opt for a Massage, Chakra Balancing, Coaching or Healing session.
18.30 hrs Dinner under the stars
20:00 hrs Yoga with visualization for self-healing, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra
21:00 hrs Free

Insight Yoga
A unique synthesis of different yoga styles where relaxation, breathing and mindfulness play an important role. The mix of techniques shift your attention to the here and now. This form of yoga increases your awareness and releases blocked energy to flow again. Thoughts and worries have less grip on you. You discover who you really are. Insight Yoga works deep into your consciousness. You become acquainted with the infinite source of wisdom, the teacher in yourself.

Mindfulness Yoga
Relaxing yoga. A combination of Yin Yoga with Mindfulness meditation. You learn to observe. This technique paves the way for more intense life and experience.

Yoga teacher, psychologist, soul coach teacher Jasmine Nooij
About Jasmine Nooij yoga teacher, psychologist, mindfulness instructor, healer, life & soul coach, biodynamic breath practicioner, MSc in Social Psychology, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Yoga teacher RYS500, Reiki, Reconnection & Deeksha.

Jasmine is an Internationally oriented yoga teacher who organizes yoga retreats in Ibiza and India.
 Her classes are a healing in themselves and have a profound transformative effect on body, mind and spirit. Jasmine teaches people in a vibrant and fun way to be more Present and connect with the Bliss they are. She developed a unique yoga style, called Insight Yoga with emphasis on the inner alignment and activation of life energies in the body by directing awareness and breath in movement and stillness.
With her background in Psychology and healing she offers much more than just yoga poses. To her Yoga is a tool to practice Presence and to step out of the identification with your thinking mind, into space, silence and inner joy. Jasmine focuses on useful tools for transformation and empowerment for life enhancement. With strenght, wisdom and vibrance she inspires others in their search for healing, health and truth.
Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher Miriam de Hoon
About Mirjam de Hoon certified Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher:
Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Yoga teacher RYS500

The central tools that Miriam works with are Yoga, Breath Work , Nutrition, Detox, Mindfulness, Awareness, Transformation, Healing, Meditation, Spirituality and Visualization.
Her goal is helping people to find their own power from within.
Everyone experiences everyday enlightenment and everyone is love. At Hearts of Living she offers tools like yoga, meditation and healing to remove blockages so that the inner strength and love is released again and can actually be experienced by the student.
She helps people to find their own space and power, Free and loving.
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Ibiza Yoga Mindfulness and Healing Retreat Experience
Ibiza Yoga, Mindfulness & HEALING RETREAT Experience
organized by
Hearts of Living

from 24 May to 1 June 2016

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